Critical Illness

A Critical Illness policy is a low-cost plan that provides high benefit coverage for hospitalization and/or surgery in the event of a covered critical illness, such as: cardiovascular surgery, cancer treatment, human organ transplant, neurological surgery and cerebro-vascular surgery.

Our Critical Illness insurance is ideal for individuals or groups who desire a high quality international critical illness plan, either as stand-alone coverage or to complement their major health insurance.

Hospital Cash Plan

Hospital Cash pays the insured a cash benefit to use in any way, for each day the insured or a dependent is hospitalized.

Health insurance typically covers the majority of medical expenses if the insured or a dependent is hospitalized. However, chances are there will be some portion of those medical expenses for which the insured will ultimately be responsible. Whether it is your deductible, co-insurance or services not covered by your health insurance, the insured may end up being responsible for a substantial expense due to a hospitalization. In addition, Hospital Cash comes in handy to cover lost wages or any day-to-day expenses incurred during a hospitalization.

The Hospital Cash plan offers peace of mind knowing that one is protected from financial hardship if he/she or a dependent is hospitalized.

Kidnap and Ransom

Kidnap and Ransom insurance can be offered on a case-by-case basis for business executives and travelers who have concerns for their safety.