Group Permanent Life & Group Life

Pan Insurance Agency and GBG offer customized life insurance programs specifically designed for Tribal Nations members and groups. Some of the benefits include:

  • Available for mandatory or voluntary groups.
  • Individual policies may be available, please inquire with your agent.
  • Riders for Disability and Critical Illness are available.
  • The mandatory group program is delivered on a guarantee issue basis for all participants.
  • The product is composed of individual policies issued to the eligible group lives between the ages of 18 and 65.
  • Length of coverage can be 5, 10 or 20 years or until age 80 or 100.
  • As long as participants remain active members of the tribe, they are covered under the program.
  • The coverage can be issued anywhere in the world where Tribal Nations are located, with no limits on geography.
  • Premiums cannot be increased and benefits cannot be decreased during the coverage guarantee period.
  • Coverage is effective immediately without any waiting period.
  • Spouse and Dependent riders available in most circumstances.

GBG has made a significant commitment to this market segment. It is our belief that over time, the Tribal investments in education and healthcare will ultimately increase the life expectancy of this group of individuals. We feel the Tribal Nations market has been greatly underserved in the insurance market and we wish to help provide this much-needed benefit to Tribal members. This product has been custom designed to serve this Tribal Nations market and GBG is open to the idea of customizing a product portfolio that will serve the needs of your individual tribes.

With more than 30 years of experience in international insurance, we serve as a leading underwriter, developer and administrator of products and services designed especially for the needs of expatriates, high-net worth local nationals and third-country nationals.

We are proud to offer this exciting and innovative structure to the Tribal Nations. GBG and Pan Insurance Agency provide an unprecedented and unique combination:

  • Tribal Nations expertise
  • Dedicated underwriting facility
  • Financial security
  • Responsive customer service

Plans are offered exclusively through Pan Insurance Agency

Please contact us directly for more information on how to obtain a quote.